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Real people, real families: slow down on our roads

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

1 November 2016

 A new safety campaign has launched to send a powerful reminder to drivers that our workers are real people with families, who want to return home safe after carrying out their jobs for the benefit of all who rely on the road network.

New signs are now being used within work zones to remind the public that our workers are real people, with real families, just like you.

Road workers - campaign signage: real people, real families, slow down 

Temporary speed limits are in place at work sites to protect motorists, their vehicles and our road workers alike. Our workers follow strict on-site safety guidelines to ensure the public’s safety and now we're calling on drivers to plan ahead, slow down, and drive with care.

The amount of time it takes to slow down and proceed through a construction zone safely will never take near as long as it will to recover from losing a loved one or live with knowing you have taken the life of someone's loved one.