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Workplace safety: more than just a physical concern

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

27 October 2016

National Safe Work Australia Week is almost over, however our focus on safety in the workplace continues as we look at more than just physical safety, but also mental health and wellbeing.

We spoke with our people about other aspects of workplace safety beyond avoiding physical harm – from  providing a workplace free of bullying and harassment, to enhancing the mental wellbeing of our people and supporting those who are struggling with mental illness or stress.

Part of keeping our workplace safe requires that we recognise negative effects in the workplace and respond as quickly as possible before it costs employees their health and, in extreme cases, their lives.

Heightening our awareness of what affects us requires each of us to take responsibility for how we affect others. Focus and reflect on how you affect others and make a conscious effort to enhance the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your colleagues at work.