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Stay safe on the water

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

30 September 2016

With the October long weekend and summer boating season upon us, boaters are reminded to check their safety equipment, registration and licensing to stay safe while enjoying the water.

Take the time to make sure your vessel has all of the required safety equipment, and all items are in good condition and not expired, before heading out on the water.

Flares and emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) are the most common items to expire on boats, but inflatable lifejackets also need to be checked every year to ensure they are working properly.

Motorised boats are required by South Australian law to carry Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) for every person on board, and boaters are encouraged to wear a PFD while out on the water, especially children who are particularly vulnerable in the case of a boat capsizing or if they fall overboard.

Remember to check your registration is current, especially if you opted for a six month registration – you may need to renew.

Marine safety officers will be on patrol during this busy time to check all boat and jet-ski operators are licensed, and remember if you are an owner you can be penalised if you let an unlicensed person operate your boat or jet-ski.

The River Murray in particular is expected to attract big crowds over the October long weekend and school holidays, so marine safety officers will be conducting special patrols to make sure boaters are staying safe.

Some other tips to help keep you safe include minding your boat wash and keeping your distance from other vessels and busy reserves.

Dangerous activity or river hazards should be reported to the Murray watch phone line on 85310710.

For more information on boating safety please visit