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New campaign reminds cyclists to share the footpath

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

10 September 2016


Cyclists are being reminded of their responsibilities when riding on footpaths through an extensive campaign which has just launched.

The advertising campaign is a timely reminder to cyclists of their rights and responsibilities following the introduction of new laws in October last year allowing cyclists to ride on footpaths.

A recent Bike SA survey found 67% of cyclists have taken the opportunity to ride on the footpath where needed to navigate these locations where they feel safer on the footpath than on the road, with 39% saying they felt safer.

This advertising campaign will help to further educate all cyclists of their responsibilities as well as their rights when they use the footpath, including their requirement to keep left, give way to pedestrians, ride at a safe speed and give a warning on approach if necessary.

The campaign will feature newspaper and radio advertisements as well as online and social media targeting cyclists’ responsibilities when riding on footpaths.

The State Government is also working with local government to roll out footpath stickers in key locations around Adelaide to remind cyclists of their responsibilities.

A quiz on cycling road rules at the My Licence website will also give people a chance to test their knowledge and brush up on their responsibilities.