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CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

16 August 2016

There are over 710 railway crossings on public roads in metropolitan and rural South Australia and more than 360 pedestrian crossings on Adelaide’s passenger rail network.

Trains can travel at up to 110km/h, weigh over 100 tonnes and require a kilometre or more to stop – that’s six times the length of Adelaide Oval.

Between 2011 and 2015, four people were killed and six people seriously injured at railway crossings and 660 near-misses were reported by rail operators.

Some simple measures can save your life:

  •  If a train is coming, wait for it to pass, and then stop, look, listen and think again before crossing – a second train may be coming.
  •  If you’re driving, always make sure there is sufficient space for your vehicle to cross safely to the other side without stopping.

Remember, it is illegal to enter a level crossing while the lights are flashing or warning bells operating.

The State Government is currently reviewing all level and pedestrian crossings in South Australia to improve safety on the rail network.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s Draft Railway Crossing Safety Strategy discussion paper outlines various safety issues at railway crossings in South Australia and proposes a range of strategies and improvements to address them.

To have your say on these strategies, and to highlight any safety concerns you may have at road or pedestrian train and tram crossings in the State, please complete our survey at

This survey will close 5pm Friday 9 September 2016