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SA's newest ferry makes its maiden voyage

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

13 July 2016


The state’s newest steel-hull ferry is on an epic journey to its new home at Narrung on the Lower Lakes.

Leaving Morgan on Monday, it should take just over a week to reach its destination where it will be commissioned and tested with services set to begin on 20 July.

The hull was built by local Mid Murray family business Bowhill Engineering and the fit out was completed by our DPTI team at the Morgan dockyard.

The second of the State Government’s four new ferries, it will replace the steel-hull ferry currently servicing Narrung which will head upstream to replace the timber-hull ferry at Tailem Bend – lifting the load limit there from 12 tonnes to 50 tonnes.  

Bowhill Engineering was recently awarded the contract to construct the two remaining ferry hulls as part of the government’s $12.8m investment to renew the River Murray ferry fleet by 2018.

A true SA success story, providing local jobs and a boost to the economy while delivering a means for freight, commuters and tourists to cross the waters safely and conveniently.