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New Arndale T2T Express bus

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

5 July 2016

A new trial express bus service from Arndale to the city will commence from July 11 to help commuters travelling to and from the city during the $896 million North-South Corridor Torrens Road to River Torrens project.

Eight bus services will operate between the Arndale Centre Interchange and the city on weekdays, with four to the city in the morning peak and four to Arndale in the evening peak.

A temporary 115 space Park ‘n’ Ride will be created between Arndale and Gray streets to provide free exclusive all-day car parks for Adelaide Metro commuters.

The city-bound morning service will operate as an express service from Arndale Centre Interchange to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where it will begin picking up and setting down passengers before terminating at stop F1 King William Street.

The out-bound afternoon service will leave Victoria Square at stop U1, picking up and setting down passengers through to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, before continuing as an express service to Arndale Centre Interchange.

The additional services will support existing public transport options to give commuters an alternative hassle-free way to get in and out of the city during some of the most significant periods of Torrens to Torrens works.

For more information visit the Adelaide Metro website.