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Notice to Mariners No 10 of 2016

10 June 2016

Mariners are advised that the SA Water Corporation have installed a line of buoys and navigation marks on the downstream side of the Goolwa Barrage at a distance of 150 metres and parallel to the weir, in order to prevent vessels from approaching the weir. The buoy line extends from the riverbank on each side and is supported by pylons, with access to the lock chamber indicated by Port and Starboard lateral marks.

The pylons are fitted with unlit top marks and located as follows.

St Andrews Cross     S 35°31’26.67”

E 138°48’38.89”

St Andrews Cross     S 35°31’30.50”

E 138°48’38.09”

Starboard Lateral     S 35°31’35.07”

E 138°48’37.14’

Port Lateral              S 35°31’40.07”

E 138°48’35.98”

Mariners are advised to exercise caution when navigating in the vicinity, and to avoid crossing the line of buoys.

Stephen Mullighan,

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

Adelaide,  6 April 2016