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Tree Removals to Facilitate O-Bahn Works

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

5 April 2016

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) advises that a number trees are being removed commencing today from Rundle and Rymill Parks to facilitate the construction of the tunnel for the O-Bahn City Access Project.

The removals include four significant trees, 10 regulated trees and 63 amenity trees, commencing today in Rundle and Rymill Parks.

All efforts are continuously being made to reduce the impact on the Park Lands. Removals will be offset with new landscaping, that will be incorporated into the design of the project and surrounding areas, in consultation with the Adelaide City Council.

Tree hollows will be removed from the site and stored for future use, as part of the urban design amenity improvements for the project. Large timber will be made into new pieces of furniture, play equipment or art for the Park Lands.

DPTI reminds the public for safety reasons to observe signage around the Park Lands.

For further information on vegetation work please visit: