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Partnering for Long Term Development of SA Ports

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

29 February 2016

The South Australian Government is working with industry to develop a 50-year strategy to maximise economic opportunities for our state port assets.

The strategy is an opportunity to position ports to deliver broader economic growth as well as logistics services through innovation.

Ports play a vital role in supporting economic activity and growth and the strategy will leverage the shared role of Government and industry in port development.

This strategy will align to the National Port Strategy and ensure port planning and development supports our state’s economic priorities.

It will build upon the recent work by the Resources Infrastructure Taskforce in preparing the Business Case: Solutions to bulk mineral expert infrastructure on Spencer Gulf.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will be engaging with industry to ensure the strategy focuses on the needs of current and potential port customers and key supply chains. 

Approximately 45 organisations have been identified to participate in a reference group or for targeted consultation. The broader industry, organisations and individuals will have an opportunity to input either directly or via the project website.

The strategy will inform land use planning, which will help to ensure that produce such as food and wine is effectively and efficiently linked to markets, preserve land for related, value adding employment and preserve the transport corridors that are so important to the effective running of South Australia’s ports.

Work will focus on how regulatory frameworks can support future investment, with a spotlight on policy to develop export opportunities.