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Roseworthy township expansion plans move to public consultation

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

16 November 2015

The State Government has confirmed that a residential development in Adelaide’s North which would provide a modest expansion of homes for the Roseworthy township housing about 10,000 people over 30 years will be considered.

The Roseworthy Township Expansion Development Plan Amendment has been approved for public consultation.

The Light Regional Council has proposed to expand the township of Roseworthy by rezoning an area of land for residential development, shopping centres, social infrastructure, employment and industry purposes.

The rezoning is intended to provide the basis for a diverse, sustainable and connected community development that has respect for the environment and provides opportunity for innovation and prosperity.

The proposed expansion is about 550 hectares in size, which encompasses land between the township and Edward Road; and from the rail line through to the Thiele Highway.

The Council has worked in partnership with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure as well as other key State Government agencies to develop a comprehensive concept plan to guide the future development of the site.

The proposal reflects the long term strategic direction set out in The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide for residential land supply.

Further information regarding the Development Plan Amendment can be obtained from Light Regional Council.