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Short-term unregistered vehicle permits

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

2 November 2015

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has announced that EzyReg Account customers will be able to apply online for a short-term unregistered vehicle permit (UV permit).A UV permit is available for a vehicle to be driven on the road without registration for a special reason such as:

  • to attend a vehicle inspection
  • to take a vehicle to a place of repair
  •  to relocate the vehicle
  • for a car event or rally

Currently, customers wishing to apply for a UV permit must visit a Service SA Customer Service Centre to apply in person.

As of 8 November 2015, customers will be able to apply for and be issued a UV permit online via a valid EzyReg Account which can be accessed via the link

Online UV permits are issued for a maximum of 3 days with customers required to supply information about the vehicle and journey including:

  • vehicle identification number (VIN) or engine number
  • type and make of vehicle
  • reason for the permit
  • nominated route to be taken
  • time and date the permit is required

Once issued, the UV permit must be printed on A4 paper and be displayed on the vehicle when in use for the duration of the valid permit.

For further information on how to create an EzyReg Account, please visit