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Irrigated Public Open Space - Code of Practice Operational Guide

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6 November 2015

Hosted by SA Water the Irrigated Public Open Space - Code of Practice was developed in 2009 to provide a management framework for best practice turf and irrigation management for all irrigated public open space, including that managed by local government, the education sector and other open space managers including sporting clubs.

The aim of the code is to provide the tools and reporting models necessary to implement best practice irrigation management in the provision of public open space.

In 2015 the original code was reviewed and updated.

During the review the Office for Recreation and Sport ensured a simplified version of the code was developed to support the many club volunteers responsible for maintaining their own sporting fields.

The final result is the development of the Operational Guide that was designed to assist those who are responsible for the irrigation management of sports grounds but are not considered professional irrigation managers.

The Operational Guide provides a simplified version to assist irrigation managers achieve acceptable standards of irrigation efficiency, effective cost management / monitoring, minimise wastage and provide a functional turf surface.

The Operational Guide was launched by the Minister for Water on Thursday 22 October 2015.

For more information please visit the ORS website - Managing Utilities dropdown.