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Notice to Mariners No 17 of 2015

4 November 2015

Mariners are advised that the No.3 Beacon, at approximate WGS position 34⁰47’05.15”S, 138⁰23’38.64”E in the Port Adelaide River, has been damaged and is no longer operational. The position of the beacon has been marked with a temporary yellow buoy with a flashing white light. The light has been programmed with a 3 second flash rate (0.3 seconds on, 2.7 seconds off).

The beacon will be reinstated as soon as practicable, but until then, mariners are advised to proceed with caution in the vicinity.


Navy Chart affected:      Aus 137

Publications affected:    Australian Pilot Volume 1 (Fourth Edition 2014) page 403

                                      Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume K (2015/16 Edition) No.2055.05

Adelaide, 16 July 2015

STEPHEN MULLIGHAN, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure


FP 2012/0105

DPTI 2015/01042