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Time to refresh your motorcycle skills

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

11 September 2015

Getting back to riding? Get life saving rider refresher training

If you are getting back on your motorbike after a lengthy break, you may be surprised at how much has changed!

The Rider Safe Returning Rider Course is offering returning motorcyclists an opportunity to refresh their riding skills.

The new voluntary course is a tailored program with a focus on improving riding skills.

Motorcycle riders may be at greater risk of being involved in a crash when they resume riding after an extending period of not riding.

New bikes accelerate quicker and are equipped with a range of new technologies that weren’t available in the past.

Chances are your helmet and riding gear will also need to be updated – along with your riding skills.

Each year, on average, around 15 motorcyclists are killed and 140 are seriously injured on South Australian roads each year. Although the number of motorcyclist serious road casualties has shown a downward trend, motorcyclists have become a larger part of serious road casualties – up from 11 per cent in 2005 to 17 per cent in 2014.

The course will cover key riding skills including stopping quickly, limited space manoeuvres, negotiating corners, curves and avoiding hazards.

The course will also provide riders with the latest information about protective clothing, helmets, responsibilities when carrying pillion passengers and motorcycle technology including Antilock Braking Systems.

There is no pass or fail component to the course, it is only designed to teach and refresh riding skills, techniques and awareness.

Though it is tailored to returning riders, anyone can benefit from updating their knowledge and skills – and that could be the difference between avoiding a crash, serious injury or even death.

The Rider Safer Returning Rider Course, which will run for half a day at a cost of $116, will be available from 26 September at St Agnes and Murray Bridge Rider Safe training ranges with country courses operating subject to demand.

For more information please visit My Licence.