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Art Assisting Safety for Woodville Primary School Students

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

10 August 2015

The Department’s Way2Go program has provided funding to Woodville Primary School to make their school crossing a safer place for children to cross.

For a number of years the Woodville Primary School community had concerns about children’s safety when crossing Port Road, even though a school crossing with traffic lights had been installed.

Woodville Primary School Principal Graeme Charlton said the main concern was the crossing was not being seen my all motorists, making it risky for children and families to cross safely.

“Our school joined the Way2Go program in 2013 and explored school travel and the crossing safety issue in more depth as part of our School Travel Plan.

“We wanted to improve the safety for children and families using this crossing at Port Road by making motorists more aware of its presence.

“The school community was worried that motorists were distracted by a larger set of traffic lights further west on Port Road and the fact the boundary of the school that fronts Port Road is heavily vegetated so the school was not immediately seen,” said Mr Charlton.

Way2Go funding supported the school to employ a local artist to work with the students and the community to develop highly visible artwork to attract motorist’s attention to the crossing.

“The artwork has recently been installed and it looks fantastic, making the crossing and school more visible to motorists,” said Mr Charlton.

Department Manager of Safer Travel and Behaviour Change, Marg Howard, said it is great to see the Way2Go program assisting the school community to come up with their own solution to a road safety issue.