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Rail Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

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13 August 2015

For the tenth anniversary of National Rail Safety Week South Australians are being urged to take responsibility for rail safety.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Chief Operating Officer Paul Gelston said as National Rail Safety Week gets underway today, DPTI, police Australia wide and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) / TrackSAFE are on the same track.

“This year’s key message of National Rail Safety Week is for everyone to take responsibility at rail crossing and to not put your life on the line by taking risks around trains and trams, he said.

“There were seven collisions and 201 near-hits reported throughout the state at rail level crossings over the last 12 months.

“There are 710 level crossings on active lines in South Australia that must be approached by drivers and pedestrians with care at all times.

“Trains can travel up to 110 kilometres per hour and can take approximately twice the length of a footy oval to stop once the brake is applied.

“Impatience can be fatal.

“If a train is coming, wait for it to pass, and then stop, look, listen and think again before crossing. A second train may be coming.

“And if you’re driving, always make sure there is sufficient space for your vehicle to cross safely to the other side without stopping.

“It is illegal to enter a level crossing while the lights are flashing or warning bells operating. Red light cameras operate at a number of Adelaide level crossings.”

As part of National Rail Safety Week, which runs from Monday, 10th until Sunday, 16 August, the State Government is launching a Rail Safety Quiz.

DPTI’s campaign research has shown a need to raise awareness of the laws around crossings amongst South Australians.  Refresh your rail safety knowledge and have a go at the quiz here  

Brochures of the Rail Safety Quiz will be handed out at the Adelaide Railway Station throughout National Rail Safety Week as well as the quiz being available to complete online.

Information on the TrackSAFE national launch of Rail Safety Week, including a new video, is available at

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