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Australian First SA Adopts 'Sharrows' to Improve Cyclist Safety

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

4 August 2015

South Australia has become the first state in Australia to provide detailed guidance for local councils on the installation and use of sharrows on South Australian streets.

A sharrow or shared-lane marking is an innovative road treatment consisting of a bike logo and two arrows that advise bike riders where to ride and motorists where to expect people riding on low traffic streets.

Local councils can install the low cost treatment on low traffic streets where bike lanes are not warranted and bikes and motor vehicles share the same lane. 

The treatment can assist bike riders navigate cycling routes and alerts other road users that they are sharing the road with bike riders.

Sharrows do not designate a particular part of the street for the exclusive use of people riding bikes, nor do they affect parking or vehicle access.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure recently partnered with the City of Charles Sturt, the City of Unley and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to undertake a 12 month trial of the effectiveness of sharrows along Greenway bike routes.

The trial found sharrows to be effective in encouraging bike riders to position themselves at a safe distance from parked cars.

 A survey found that most riders felt safer after the installation of the sharrows.

Sharrows are also used in North America and in some countries in Europe such as France and the Czech Republic