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School promotes cycling as the Way2Go

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

7 August 2015

The Way2Go Bike Ed initiative continues to go from strength to strength with participation numbers growing to 5000 primary school students from 60 schools across the state.

Way2Go Bike Ed is part of the state-wide Way2Go program that promotes safer, greener and more active travel for primary school students and their communities. It is built on a
partnership between local councils, school communities and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The Way2Go Bike Ed program specifically targets year four to seven students and aims to develop their confidence and competence as safe bike riders.

DPTI’s Safety and Policy Programs General Manager Julie Holmes said that in the four years from 2010, 4000 students were participating in the Way2Go Bike Ed program each year.

“We are excited that in 2014 the State Government made a commitment to double student numbers by 2018 and we have already seen the numbers grow to 5000.

“The additional $1.1 million allocated by the government over four years will see 8000 children at 90 primary schools participating in the program by term two 2018.”

Last Friday at Flinders Park Primary Ms Holmes officially opened a new bike facility, an initiative funded by the Way2Go program.

“This bike facility provides a secure and sheltered area to park bikes and scooters and encourages students to cycle to and from school, Ms Holmes said.

“Flinders Park Primary School is one of the many success stories of the Way2Go program.”

Flinders Park Primary School deputy principal Peter Allison said that the school community made a commitment in early 2013 to establish a Way2Go partnership with DPTI and the
City of Charles Sturt.

“In consultation with the community we identified a number of actions and strategies to promote cycling to and from school.

“This included providing bicycle facilities, consulting with parents, students and staff to improve school travel conditions as well as improvements to local crossings and walking

The City of Charles Sturt Mayor Angela Keneally congratulated the 83 Flinders Park year five students who recently completed the seven week Way2Go Bike Ed program.

“Under the skilled guidance of the Way2Go Bike Ed instructors, students increased their cycling skill levels by practising keeping to the left, scanning for other road users and other
safe behaviours such as signalling.

“The students, including four brand new riders, learned how to fit their helmet correctly and check their bike before each ride.

“Towards the end of the seven weeks the students graduated from practising in the school grounds to exploring nearby shared paths and riding along local minor roads.

“Through practically teaching bicycle handling skills, road rules and traffic skills the course has built the student’s confidence and competence as safe bike riders.”

Before the practical first session commenced the students’ bikes were subjected to an RAA ‘Bike Check’ where each student received a written assessment of their bike’s

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Bike shelter at Flinders Park Primary