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Seals in the Murray

26 June 2015

At least three fur seals have been spotted in the River Murray near Murray Bridge.

Although it’s unusual, it’s not unheard of.

There are recorded stories of seals being spotted at Blanchetown, Mannum and Tailem Bend.

Seals are known to explore areas of fresh water from time to time and the presence of seals in the Lower Lakes has been noted for the last few years.

Young males and sub-adult males are more likely to explore at this time of year, with the peak exploration period being around August.

If you see a seal, please keep a safe distance between you and the animal. Do not approach seals. They are wild animals and they may bite if they feel threatened.

It is an offence under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 to harass or molest wildlife. Breaches of this requirement may result in expiations or prosecution with significant penalties and imprisonment.

Also, do not feed the seals. Incorrect food may kill them and seals are smart and habituate easily, so they become dependent on human feeding; become less likely to move on and, in some cases, become very aggressive if they expect food and none is offered.

For more information, contact the Murray Bridge Natural Resources Centre on 8532 9100 or email

Long-nosed fur seal