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Notice to Mariners No 13 of 2015

29 May 2015

South Australia - Gulf St Vincent - Port Adelaide River - Rear Lead Moved

Mariners are advised that the No.12 Inward Rear Leading Light in the Port Adelaide River will be moved within the next two weeks.

A new day mark with lights will be fixed to the side of the shed adjacent to No.29 Berth in the Inner Harbour at approximate WGS84 position 34⁰49’25.632”S, 138⁰30’45.428”E. The new light characteristics are a white light visible during the day and a fixed blue light at night (FBu). The heights of the new lights above Mean High Water Springs are 10.55 metres for the white light and 8.9 metres for the blue one. The new Rear Lead will be 335 metres from the existing Front Lead.

Navy Chart affected:      Aus 137

Publications affected:     Australian Pilot Volume 1 (Fourth Edition 2014) page 403

Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume K (2015/16 Edition) No.2074.1

Adelaide, 26 March 2015

STEPHEN MULLIGHAN, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

FP 2012/0105

DPTI 2015/01042