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Advancing the Riverbank Precinct

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

18 May 2015

The transformation of the broader Riverbank Precinct - from Gilberton in the east to Bonython Park and Bowden in the northwest - is being progressed through State Government plans to unlock investment opportunities in the area.


While the current focus has been on elements like the Festival Plaza and the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, transforming the precinct as a whole is a larger project with opportunities in the short, medium and longer term.

It includes areas like the Old Adelaide Gaol and Thebarton Police Barracks site. While there are no plans to change the Barracks or Gaol sites, work must be done to see how they will interact with the broader precinct in the future.

The government is also preparing an Expression of Interest process for the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

Over the past five years the Riverbank Precinct has benefited from public and private investment of over $4.7 billion. The State Government’s urban renewal authority Renewal SA has published information about investment opportunities, including partnerships with the private sector, not-for-profits and communities.

Work is also under way to develop the final design concept for the Festival Plaza. The Riverbank Authority has been tasked with finalising the design concept, which is guided five place principles: a compelling destination, the heart of the Riverbank, event ready, dynamic and evolving, and distinctive.

During the community engagement for the Greater Riverbank Precinct Implementation Plan in 2013, the community highlighted ensuring the design reflected the best of South Australia. People also wanted key design features including a major events space, shelter, cafes, markets and interactive water features.

These responses, as well as Riverbank Authority’s place principles, will be used by an as yet-to-be-appointed design firm to finalise the Festival Plaza design. The concept will then undergo a definitive review by local artists, designers and landscape architects at a creative forum later this year before undergoing a final workshop attended by families from across South Australia.