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It’s back to school – be safe on the roads!

27 April 2015

Children across South Australia are heading back to school Monday (27 April) and drivers are reminded to slow down to 25 km/h in school zones.

Road users also need to be safe around level crossings and pedestrian mazes which will be much busier with the school term starting.

Children can be difficult for drivers to see, especially behind a reversing vehicle. They are still developing their ability to judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles, so it is vital to be alert at all times.

Winter is fast approaching, so remember that roads can be wet and the conditions can make visibility a problem.

Motorist are required to slow down to the 25km/h speed limit between school zone signs when children are present, at school crossings when the lights are flashing and when passing a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children.

As adults, children look to us to provide guidance we all have a responsibility to educate our children about road safety.

If you’re driving with children in the car, demonstrate good habits by driving safely at all times.

With children heading to and from school during peak times it is important to also remember safety at nearby rail level crossings for all motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

A train travelling at 90 km/h on a dry track needs about 420 metres to stop – twice the length of a football oval. All level crossings must be approached with care at all times.

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