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Reminder: lights needed at night on all boats

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22 April 2015

Safety inspections over the Easter break highlighted a concerning lack of working navigation lights on boats.

The recreational vessels were stopped and checked over the four days on the River Murray, at sea and during the Whyalla Snapper competition.

Of the 240 boats that were stopped, 100 vessels were non-compliant with safety rules.

One of the main issues was a lack of navigation lights, not fitted correctly or the lights not operating correctly.

All vessels operating at night must use navigation lights between sunset and sunrise.  Where navigation lights are fitted to vessels they must be fitted correctly.  The lights indicate the presence of a vessel, direction of travel and the type of vessel eg power-driven or sail boat.

For further information on the lights needed visit Boating and Marine Rules – Navigation Lights.

In addition, a large number of boats failed to carry the right safety equipment on board.  Although most were missing only one or two items, this equipment, such as personal flotation devices or flares can be vital in an emergency.

Every boat must carry safety equipment suitable for its size and the waters it’s travelling through. 

Heavy penalities can apply for boats without proper navigator lights or the correct safety equipment.

For further information visit Boating and Marine Safety – Carrying Suitable Safety Equipment.

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