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A fresh approach to keeping Adelaide Moving

Operation Moving Traffic is an initiative to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the transport network, which includes both roads and public transport and extends across Greater Adelaide.

Congestion on our roads not only impacts how people move in cars; it also affects the reliability and experience of public transport services and the capacity of businesses to move goods and services in a way that affects our economic competitiveness.

Operation Moving Traffic (OMT) highlights some of the challenges currently facing how we manage the operation of Adelaide’s existing urban transport network and starts to identify some of the opportunities for its improvement now, and into the future.

The Operation Moving Traffic report consists of a number of proposed short to medium term actions in key areas that will begin the process of change needed to keep people and goods moving on the land transport network in Adelaide. These early actions are designed to deliver some immediate results at relatively low cost and to establish the foundation for network and business intelligence.

Consultation on identified actions within Operation Moving Traffic will continue as part of the government's Keeping Metro Traffic Moving policy, as will engagement on medium-term actions and on-going strategies aimed at smarter multi-modal management of the road space for improved performance into the future.

A review of OMT is currently underway to align the initiative with the government's Keeping Metro Traffic Moving policies and priorities.

For further information and to download a copy of the OMT report click here.

Operation Moving Traffic Report

Current Initiatives

Operation Moving Traffic commenced by switching on 28 electronic signs across Adelaide’s road network giving road users up-to-date information about travel times to help them make informed travel and journey decisions.  These signs will be installed on key route decision points and on projects such as Darlington.

Operation Moving Traffic will continue to deliver real-time travel delay information on congestion and unexpected delays via website, and will now also be available via the smartphone app Addinsight (available from app stores).

Operation Moving Traffic will see the coverage of the Bluetooth network expanded to ensure real-time information is more widely accessible across Adelaide’s road network.

During 2016, trials for changing traffic signal co-ordination and predictability at various locations across the network were investigated to optimise traffic flow and to improve freight efficiency.

Trials included:

  • Hutt St within the CBD; in partnership with the Adelaide City Council; and
  • Changes to reduce the number of stops for trucks on Portrush and Hampstead Roads during business hours.

Maximising road space and movement at intersections during peak periods across the network, particularly within inner areas, will be piloted for further implementation.

This includes:

  • New hours of operation for clearways and bicycle lanes on Greenhill Road, between Anzac Highway and Glynburn Road (for further information click here to download the fact sheet). The installation of signs indicating changes to parking restrictions along Greenhill Road were completed in late October 2016.
    To provide your feedback on this initiative via our online survey click here.
  • A full time ban of the right turn movement from Richmond Road onto ANZAC Highway, Keswick, implemented on 31 May 2016.

Evaluation of the travel time benefits to the network and Inner Ring Route along with the local impacts will be undertaken and completed after 12 months.

Other initiatives include:

  • Changes to operating hours for clearways on Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton Road and Main North Road. For further information click here to visit the OMT clearways page.
  • Improving signage on the North-South Corridor and City Ring Route which also includes lane allocation improvements for Mann Road, North Adelaide. The purpose of these works is to improve recognition and raise public awareness of the North-South Corridor and City Ring Route, as well as improve traffic distribution and lane utilisation on Mann Road, North Adelaide. For further information download a copy of the works notification and site map.

Keep an eye on this website for updates on current and future initiatives.

How you can get involved

For more information, news and updates, and to find out how you can provide your feedback about Operation Moving Traffic: