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Office of Local Government

About the Office

The Office of Local Government provides policy and other advice to the Minister for Local Government on:

  • the constitution and operations of the local government system, particularly the legislative framework for councils' operation
  • the two statutory authorities for which the Minister is responsible
  • whole of government policy and legislative frameworks affecting local government
  • the constructive relationship between the state government, local councils and associated representative groups.

About local government in South Australia

Local government in South Australia is made up of 68 councils.

The following Acts create the legal framework within which local government operates:

  • Constitution Act 1934
  • Local Government Act 1999
  • Local Government (Elections) Act 1999

These Acts can be accessed via the South Australian Legislation website.

Councils are primarily accountable to their communities in carrying out their roles and functions and achieving their objectives. The Local Government Act 1999 gives councils broad powers to make decisions and deliver services without intervention from the state government or the Minister. Councils therefore have considerable discretion in exercising their powers and responsibilities and in planning for the needs of their communities.


Office address: Level 3, 77 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Postal address: GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: 1300 872 677