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Release of Registrar-General’s Verification of Identity Requirements

Friday, 14 June 2019

Updates to the requirements to align them with Version 5 of the Participation Rules include:

  • updated certification requirements to ensure it is clear that a certification may relate to an administrator or attorney of a client or mortgagor;
  • updated definitions;
  • removal of the inference that a mortgagor’s representative may verify the identity of the mortgagor;
  • inclusion of Australian ImmiCards in the Identification Document Categories; and
  • minor updates to the insurance requirements.

During the transitionary period, where clients provide the verification of identity certifications in the old format these will be taken by the Registrar-General to represent that a certifier (or where applicable the mortgagee) has verified the identity of the attorney or administrator, which has always been a requirement of the Registrar-General’s Verification of Identity Requirements.