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Planning services

State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) consent to variation/ extinguishment of easements

Notices to lodging parties

SCAP response to Property Interest Reports

A Property Interest Report (PIR)/Form 1 can be purchased online through SAILIS from the general search menu. It provides information necessary for the completion of a Vendor's Statement.  

A PIR/Form 1 will show:

  • title and valuations details
  • any registered or unregistered documents lodged within the last 90 days on the property
  • a copy of a register search for the certificate of title
  • any government interests associated with the land.

The following certificates will be posted to the person buying the PIR/Form 1:

For an alternative version of these documents contact Land Services.

Agency contact details

A range of state government interests may be associated with a property. A PIR/Form 1 may indicate that further details are available from an individual agency. Once a PIR/Form 1 has been ordered these agencies will be automatically notified.

Agencies usually respond within eight working days of a property interest report being generated. Get an agency's details by contacting Land Services.

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