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News from the Office of the Surveyor-General

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Survey Regulations 2020

The Survey Regulations 2020 commence on 24 August 2020 revoking the Survey Regulations 2007.  Accordingly, the Offices of the Surveyor-General and Registrar-General will issue updated versions of the Notices of the Surveyor-General (NSG) (formerly Surveyor-General Directions'), the Cadastral Survey Guidelines (CSG) and the Plan Presentation Guidelines (PPG) to coincide with the commencement of the Survey Regulations 2020.

Download a summary and schedule of the amendments (PDF, 321 KB).

Latest versions of the NSG and CSG will be available on the Cadastral Surveying  page of this website from Monday 24 August 2020; the PPG will be available from Land Services SA website.

20 August 2020