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Goodwood, Springbank and Daws Road Intersection Upgrade

About the project

Goodwood Road is one of southern Adelaide’s major north-south arterial routes, with Springbank Road and Daws Road providing a key east-west connection.

On average more than 60,000 vehicles a day travel through this location, with travel time delays in peak periods. This may be further impacted upon completion of the Darlington Upgrade Project,

There have been 54 crashes in the past five years, including 21 casualty crashes.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will be upgrading the intersections of Springbank, Daws and Goodwood Road to improve safety and travel times for motorists.

The $35 million project is jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian Governments and will consist of an upgrade to the existing staggered T-junction.

The upgrade will:

  • Improve connectivity for vulnerable users
  • Improve transport capacity
  • Improve safety for all users
  • Support adjoining land use

In 2017, a reconfigured four-way crossroads intersection was announced, involving the realignment of Springbank Road to the south. The upgraded staggered T-junction aims to deliver the same outcomes and reduced land acquisition requirements compared to the previously announced plan.

Major construction is planned to start in 2020, with completion expected in 2022.

Concept image of intersection upgrade

Please note, this is an artist's impression for illustrative purposes only and not a final design.

What’s next?

DPTI will continue to work with community and business owners to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum.

The concept plan will be developed further, in consultation with businesses, residents and land owners.

Further information

If you have any further enquiries or would like to register your interest in the project, please visit the Registration, Feedback and Suggestions page, email or telephone 1300 794 880.