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Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication

Project Overview

The Australian and State Governments have committed $90 million ($72 million from the Australian Government and $18 million from the State Government of South Australia) to construct an overpass at the intersection of Augusta Highway and the Copper Coast Highway, and also provide capacity improvements for the Port Wakefield Road running through Port Wakefield.  The Augusta Highway and Copper Coast Highway, north of Port Wakefield, is one of the state’s busiest regional road junctions being a national and regional link between Adelaide, Port Augusta and the Yorke Peninsula

Port Wakefield Road typically carries 8,600 vehicles per day however this increases to around 14,500 during holiday peak periods. As a result of high holiday traffic volumes and conflicting traffic movements and lengthy queues have been experienced causing substantial delays.

An overpass will relieve congestion and reduce travel time for vehicles travelling from the Yorke Peninsula using Copper Coast Highway heading south towards Port Wakefield as they will no longer need to give way to vehicles heading north on Port Wakefield Road. It allows the vehicles traveling south to merge with traffic heading into Port Wakefield easing traffic flow.

The project will also include duplicating the township main road , further increasing efficiencies, easing congestion and improving safety along the national freight route.

A new roundabout and Balaklava Road connection to provide better access between the two roads, to assist with freight movements to Balaklava via Bowmans, will be considered as part of this project. This will remove the need for the heavy vehicles to/from Balaklava, from the north to travel along the highway through Port Wakefield.

Planning has been ongoing since 2017, following initial consultation with the Yorke Peninsula Alliance of Councils (Wakefield Regional Council, Copper Coast Council, Barunga West Council and Yorke Peninsula Council).

The preferred solution for the project has been identified as;

  • An overpass at the intersection of Port Wakefield Road and Copper Coast Highway, improving access to Port Wakefield Road for south travel from the Yorke Peninsula
  • A new roundabout and Balaklava Road connection; and
  • Duplication of Port Wakefield Road to four lanes through the Port Wakefield township

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Project Time Frame

The project is currently in the planning phase and further detail will be provided as planning and design progress.

Project Cost

$90 million

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For information on the Port Wakefield Overpass & Highway Duplication Project please contact:

P: 1300 482 841

Written correspondence can be directed to:

Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication Project
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
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