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Port Road, West Lakes Boulevard and Cheltenham Parade intersection upgrade

About the Project

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is upgrading the intersection of Port Road, West Lakes Boulevard and Cheltenham Parade.  This $6 million State Government funded project will address existing safety and capacity issues and provide better integration with the adjacent Grange Railway Line crossing, by making the following improvements:

  • Road widening in central Port Road median to provide two through lanes and new dedicated right turn lane from West Lakes Boulevard to Port Road;
  • A new through lane northbound from West Lakes Boulevard to Port Road median;
  • Road widening on Cheltenham Parade to provide two through lanes and a dedicated left turn lane from Cheltenham Parade to Port Road;
  • Road widening on Port Road to provide new dual left turn lanes westbound into West Lakes Boulevard and an extension of dual lanes south bound on West Lakes Boulevard;
  • New and upgraded pedestrian ramps and footpaths on both sides of the Port Road median;
  • New and upgraded traffic signals and road lighting;
  • Upgraded pedestrian crossings within the intersection including new pedestrian crossing lights;
  • Dedicated bicycle lanes on all approaches of the intersection and through the intersection; and,
  • New kerb and gutter where road widening is occurring (eastern and western sides of Port Road median area, southern side of West Lakes Boulevard, and eastern side of Cheltenham Parade).

The upgrade is expected to support approximately 15 full time equivalent jobs over the life of the project.

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Latest News and Information 

11/09/2019 - Project notification and Community Information Sessions

Project Timeframe

Early works and service relocations will commence in late 2019, with major construction to commence in early 2020.

Contact Us

Should you require further information, please email DPTI at or telephone 1300 794 880