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South Eastern Freeway - Managed Motorway

About the project

The Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) will be improving safety and traffic flow on the South Eastern Freeway by installing a three lane Managed Motorway between Crafers and Stirling.

The project will involve converting the existing emergency lane into a third travel lane and the implementation of a Managed Motorway on both the up and down tracks of the Freeway.

The South Eastern Freeway is the most direct corridor between Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as providing a vital link in moving freight between eastern and central Australia.

With increasing demand of commuter and freight traffic, the section between Crafers and Stirling is heavily impacted during peak periods with increased travel times.

A three lane Managed Motorway will improve safety and traffic flow for almost 47,000 vehicles through the use of Intelligent Transport Systems including variable speed limits and a Lane Use Management system, which will enable the allocation and control of lanes across the freeway.

Example Illustration of a Lane Use Management System

Example Illustration of a Lane Use Management System

The Traffic Management Centre will be able to remotely monitor and manage traffic using CCTV and overhead lane use signs, adjusting speed limits during poor weather, roadworks or other incidents on this part of the freeway.

The $8.89 million safety initiative is being jointly funded, with $4.5 million from the Federal Government’s Infrastructure Investment Programme and $4.39 million from the South Australian Motor Accident Commission’s Road Safety Infrastructure Fund.

The works will support around 24 full-time equivalent jobs during construction.

For more information please contact DPTI:

Phone: 1300 794 880