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Main North Road, Kings and McIntyre Roads Intersection Upgrade

About the project

The Australian and South Australian Governments have announced $13 million joint funding for the upgrade of the Main North Road, Kings and McIntyre Roads Intersection, with costs to be shared equally.

The Australian Government commitment is part of the Commonwealth Urban Congestion Fund. The State Government’s contribution addresses recommendations of the State Government’s Keeping Metro Traffic Moving Report. The report identifies this intersection as a priority location for treatments that address road congestion and keep traffic flowing.

The intersection of Main North Road, Kings and McIntyre Road is a major traffic and freight route. The current intersection is operating at capacity in peak periods, with signal phasing and traffic lanes fully utilised, creating congestion and causing safety risks.

The upgrade will:

  • improve travel times
  • improve safety for all users
  • improve network reliability
  • improve economic productivity.

Early works are planned to start in 2020.

Main North Road, Kings and McIntyre Roads Intersection

Early site investigation works

As part of the early design process, works to identify the location and depth of all utility services in the vicinity of the proposed upgrade will occur throughout February and early March.
These works will be undertaken during the day, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am and 4pm and will take approximately four weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Speed and lane restrictions will be in place in the vicinity of the works from 10am to 3pm daily, however the road will remain open to traffic at all times. Access for properties, pedestrians and cyclists will also be maintained and every effort will be made to minimise impacts to surrounding properties and road users where possible.

The data collected from these investigations will help inform the projects detailed design.

What’s next?

A contract to undertake the detailed planning and design work that will identify the preferred option for upgrading the intersection was awarded to GHD in September 2019.   It is anticipated that this detailed planning and design work will conclude in 2020.

Community and stakeholder engagement forms an important part of the planning process. DPTI and GHD will engage with residents, land owners, business owners and other stakeholders as the preferred option is developed.  We encourage you to have your say while the planning process is underway (see our contact details below).

Please click here to view the Main North Road, Kings and McIntyre Roads Intersection Upgrade Notification

Further information

If you have any further enquiries or would like to register your interest in the project to receive updates, please: