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Blackwood Roundabout Upgrade Project

About the Project

The $3.5 million Blackwood roundabout upgrade to improve traffic efficiency and safety as well as pedestrian access through the high traffic area is now complete.

Lane utilisation has remained the same for all approaches with the exception being the Shepherds Hill Road approach. Both lanes are now able to go through the roundabout to Main Road towards the rail crossing.

Latest News

The Blackwood Roundabout Upgrade Project was completed in April this year. In response to feedback, we’ll be installing additional lane utilisation signage on the northern approach of Main Road and on Shepherds Hill Road.

We’ll also be relocating the existing sign on Main Road (northbound) to improve visibility and ensure adequate viewing time upon approach to the roundabout. Road markings directing traffic through the roundabout will be modified on Main Road (southbound) to assist road users.

It is expected the signage and road marking works will be completed in August 2019.

The following graphics will assist road users in the use of the roundabout.

Blackwood Roundabout Upgrade Concept Plan

Memorial Relocation and Restoration

As part of the upgrade, the Blackwood War Memorial and Frank Collins Memorial Fountain were relocated as shown on the concept plan in time for ANZAC Day commemorations.

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