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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is there a need to electrify the rail network?

    The electrification of the Gawler Rail Line forms part of the State Government’s ongoing investment in public transport to deliver faster, safer, more reliable and more comfortable rail services.

    The electrified Gawler line will be a modern, environmentally friendly and efficient train service that will encourage more people to leave the car at home and take public transport.

    Once completed the electrified line will support increased capacity and future growth for development along the rail corridor.

  2. When will the project start?

    The design phase of the project commenced in early 2018 for the Adelaide to Salisbury section and now includes the entire line.

    Service locating, geotechnical investigations, fencing and vegetation surveys commenced in the third quarter of 2018 at Adelaide and are progressing towards Gawler.

    Service relocations, including SAPN, are underway and construction activities will increase throughout 2019.

  3. When will the project be completed?

    We are anticipating to complete the electrification works up to Gawler by late 2020

  4. How much will the project cost?

    Total budget for the Gawler Rail Electrification Project is $615 million.

  5. Will the line be electrified all the way to Gawler?

    Yes. The finalisation of a funding partnership and contribution between the State and Australian government ensures the Gawler line will be electrified from Adelaide to Gawler.

  6. Will there be any station upgrades?

    Major upgrades to stations are not included within the project, minor works will occur at each station to ensure they are compatible with the electrified railway.

  7. Will changes to the fencing along the rail corridor be required?

    As part of the project works, fencing along the corridor will be installed or upgraded, where required to increase security, reduce trespass and comply with the fencing requirements for an electrified rail corridor.

  8. Will vegetation need to be removed?

    Management of vegetation is an integral part of the safe operation of an electrified rail network and to ensure the safety of passengers and local communities’ vegetation needs to be kept clear of the overhead wiring system. DPTI`s approach to vegetation management is consistent with electrified rail systems in other states.

    In establishing the new electrified network the project team will work to minimise the impact on vegetation (especially significant trees) adjacent the Gawler rail line, where possible.

    The project team will work closely with the relevant authorities, local councils and interested parties to minimise and manage impacts to vegetation and wildlife habitats.

    A brochure on vegetation clearance zones and planting guidelines can be found here

  9. Will there be impacts and closures during construction?

    Construction will be coordinated to balance the needs of commuters, road users, residents and businesses to minimise disruption.

    Detailed design has commenced which includes determining the construction schedule. It is anticipated that works will occur during the day and at night with minimal disruption to services.

    However there will be times when reduced services will occur during construction works. There will also be a number of short term line closures during quieter commuter periods, such as school holidays when substitute buses will be in place.

  10. Will there be opportunities for local employment and training connections?
  11. The Adelaide to Gawler works will support approximately 225 full-time equivalent jobs during construction, while increasing capacity on one of Adelaide's busiest rail lines.

    Employment opportunities on the Gawler Rail Electrification Project will be available through NorthHub, an onsite employment, skills and training centre established by Lendlease.

    Workforce participation key areas will focus on trainees and apprenticeships, in particular electrical trades, and maximising opportunities for employees for non-specialised tasks.

    To register your details for updates about employment or local business opportunities that will come online closer to construction, please visit or call 1300 731 071.

  12. Will there be any local industry opportunities?
  13. The project team is committed to maximising industry participation, where possible for the supply, fabrication and installation of steel across the project.

    The project delivery model will adhere to the State Government's policy requiring all steel to be sourced from Australian-standard certified fabricators and mills and the South Australian Industry Participation Policy which supports local jobs and local contractors.

    All packages of works with Lendlease for the Gawler Rail Electrification Project will be listed on the ICN Gateway.

    Visit the project page for more information:

  14. How do I contact the project or seek further information?

    To ask a question, provide feedback or register for project updates:

    Phone: 1300 080 834