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Design works


Design and construction of the new carriageway is being undertaken concurrently, with the design being continually refined as the project progresses. Major landscaping, noise attenuation treatments, pathways and urban design features will be undertaken progressively throughout the works.

The project team will continue to engage with local residents, community groups and businesses on design issues that directly affect them throughout the project.

The expressway alignment and interchange designs have been finalised and can be downloaded below.  The alignment maps below show the entire length of the expressway in geographical order from Bedford Park to Old Noarlunga.

Road design (including landscaping and pathways)

Interchanges and junctions

To view information on the design of intersections and junctions please visit the the Interchanges and Junctions page.

Pedestrians and cyclists

To view information on the design of pedestrian and cyclist access once construction is complete please visit the the Pedestrian and Cyclist  page.

River diversions

As part of the expressway works, changes to the river environment are required to accommodate the new carriageway and will include:

  • realignment of a 300-metre section of the Field River and Trott Park Creek adjacent the Reynella interchange to the west
  • extension of the Field River culvert under the new carriageway
  • realignment of a 200-metre section of the Field River just north of Young Street Bridge
  • rehabilitation of the realigned sections with native riparian plantings
  • development of a recreational trail with viewing areas the community can enjoy.

Field River Concept Plan

Field River 
Click image for more information, pdf download (6.8MB)

Landscaping and Amenity

Landscaping elements being developed for the duplicated expressway include:

  • revegetation and amenity plantings
  • shared use pathways
  • stormwater basins
  • noise walls
  • land art

Any areas disturbed by construction works will be landscaped, integrating remaining vegetation with new plantings.  Landscaping to offset vegetation removal includes planting of approximately:

  • 75, 000 trees and shrubs
  • 1.7 hectares of native revegetation
  • over 200 semi-mature trees

In addition, a new shared use recreational path will be built along the western side of the expressway, taking advantage of the many formal and informal pathways already in place - offering an alternative to the eastern veloway and shared path on the eastern side.

More detailed landscaping information is available for downloading below:

Preliminary Landscaping Detailed Plans