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Bridge works

Bridge works update - July 2014

Bridge extension works were a critical part of the $407.5 million Southern Expressway Duplication Project. All road bridge extension works are now complete.

A list of bridge locations is below:

  • Seacombe Road, Darlington
  • Majors Road, O'Halloran Hill
  • Lander Road, Trott Park
  • Moore Road, Reynella
  • O’Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale
  • Flaxmill Road, Christie Downs
  • Elizabeth Road, Christie Downs
  • Beach Road, Christie Downs
  • Honeypot Road, Hackham West

In addition, five pedestrian bridges were extended to cross the Southern Expressway.

A list of pedestrian bridge locations is below:

  • Sugarbush Path, Lonsdale
  • Glenhelen Path, Christie Downs
  • Poznan Path, Hackham West
  • Peppermint Path, Noarlunga Downs
  • Perry Path, Huntfield Heights

All bridge extension works follow a common process:

  • installation of temporary support props for the existing bridge and services
  • removal of western abutment and excavation of soil adjacent the existing expressway
  • installation of concrete footings, new central pier and abutment
  • lowering the existing bridge onto the new central pier and installation of steel beams for the new span
  • construction of new bridge deck
  • reinstatement of services and the road surface

Smith Creek Bridge - Timelapse shows duplication of SA's tallest road bridge

This video, shot over 13 days, captures the final stages of duplication of the Smith Creek Bridge at Reynella - part of the Southern Expressway duplication project.

An innovative method known as 'match casting' was used to construct the bridge's piers.

Thirty-six pre-cast blocks weighing 12 tonnes each (made by local company SA Precast) were used to construct the eight columns of the bridge. Sections of the tall columns were pre-assembled in Lego-like shapes on the ground before being lifted into place.

Late last year, a 450-tonne crane, the largest used on the project, was brought in to work in conjunction with a 350-tonne crane to lift twenty five, 30-metre long, 60-tonne bridge girders into place.

With the main duplicated structure now complete, workers are putting down concrete across the top of the bridge to form the roadway.

The video was shot using two cameras continuously capturing one image every ten seconds.

Bridge extension construction

These photos show the construction of the now open Seacombe Road Bridge.

Seacombe Road Bridge construction, October 2012

Seacombe Road Bridge construction, October 2012 - the bridge structure and services are supported while soil is removed and new bridge abutments take shape

Seacombe Road Bridge construction, January 2013

Seacombe Road Bridge construction, January 2013 - additional bridge beams are installed

Seacombe Road Bridge reopened, March 2013

Seacombe Road Bridge construction, March 2013 - completed and reopen to traffic

Bridge extension construction process

Staged bridge diagram

Click on the image for more information, pdf download, (601KB)

More details regarding the construction staging of extension and interchange works at Beach Road, Noarlunga can be downloaded below: