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O-Bahn City Access Project

Project Overview

The $160M O-Bahn City Access Project was delivered with the aim of improving travel times and reliability for users of the O-Bahn service and reducing traffic congestion and delays, particularly on the Inner Ring Route.

The project extends the O-Bahn system from the end of the busway at Gilberton into the cross-city priority bus lanes on Grenfell Street, and included the creation of centrally aligned priority bus lanes along Hackney Road and a dedicated 670 metre bus tunnel providing quicker, more reliable access for O-Bahn buses into the city.

Rundle Road and East Terrace were also reconfigured to deliver pedestrian, cycling and vehicle improvements. A shared pedestrian/cycling path has been provided on the western side of Hackney Road between Bundeys Road and Botanic Road and includes a new shared use pedestrian/cycling bridge over the River Torrens.

McConnell Dowell Constructors partnered with Department of Infrastructure and Transport to successfully deliver the extension of O-Bahn system.

Traffic modelling confirms the project has achieved its primary objective of significantly reducing travel times for bus services entering and leaving the CBD and improving road network efficiency for other vehicles.

The successful partnership between DIT and McConnell Dowell ensured the on-time and within budget delivery of a complex multi-disciplined project in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD and the environmentally sensitive Parklands.

Project time frame

December 2015 to January 2018

Project cost

$160 million

Project reports and publications

Statutory approvals

25/2/2016 - Development Assessment Commission (DAC) planning consent

4/1/2016 - Development Application Notice Development Applications made pursuant to the Development Act 1993


Project documentation

August 2015 - Project Impact Report

Project Impact Report - Complete [PDF, 28.5 MB]

Project Impact Report - Executive Summary [PDF, 26 KB]

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O-Bahn City Access Project
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