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Noarlunga Centre railway station

Noarlunga railway station

Noarlunga Centre station at night

Noarlunga Railway Station upgrade

Installation of ticket validation gates at Noarlunga Railway Station has been completed.  These ticket validation gates are like those installed at Adelaide Railway Station, which require passengers to have a valid ticket to travel.

The project included the installation of:

  • ticket validation gates on the lower concourse to platform 3 and on the upper concourse adjacent to the ramp and escalators. The validation gates include wider gates for people with mobility aids and prams.
  • new station fencing (which has closed some previously existing access points to platform 3)
  • a new ticket vending machine and recharge machines near the gates on the lower concourse, close to the kiosk.
  • additional CCTV cameras to improve security coverage on the lower and upper concourses.
  • new and improved lighting on the upper and lower concourses.
  • additional Public Address speakers on the upper concourse to improve audibility of announcements.
  • resurfaced footpath from Beach Road to the station.

The Noarlunga kiosk will also continue to provide recharge facilities (cash only).

This project at Noarlunga Centre Station:

  • improves safety for passengers by preventing people without tickets entering the platforms.
  • increases security for passengers with staff monitoring the station during peak times.
  • reduces fare evasion.

This project formed part of the $2.1 million Fare Evasion Initiative in response to a commitment from the South Australian Government.

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