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Features and benefits

Key features and benefits of Adelaide's A-City 4000 Class Electric trains:

  • Dimensions:  L 75.72m x H 4.010m x W 3.050m
  • Seating: 240 with standing room for a further 300
  • Wide bodied vehicle fitted with 2 by 2 seating allows wide (>1.0m) aisle
  • Designed for Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport and ease of access
  • Designed for European Structural crashworthiness standards
  • Meets stringent British rail fire safety standards
  • Designed to meet stringent internal and external noise requirements
  • Largest single High Velocity Air Conditioning Units in operation in Australia
  • Proven traction system used elsewhere in Australia and overseas
  • 66 cars/22 EMU’s due to be delivered by mid 2015

A-City Class 4000 electric train fact sheet

A-City Class 4000 electric train fact sheet FOR KIDS


17 July 2013 - the first car of Adelaide's first permanently coupled 3-car set arrives at the new Seaford Meadows station, for testing, commissioning, and driver training.

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