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The Planning Session

The Planning Session is held approximately two weeks before the Gateway Review and provides the Review Team with the opportunity to meet the Senior Responsible Owner and project team and find out more about the project and to plan the logistics for the week of the Gateway Review.

It is generally scheduled for two to three hours to provide sufficient time for the Review Team to examine the program or project documentation to be made available and provide sufficient notice to stakeholders that a discussion will be required.

The Planning Session will establish the exact scope and expectations of the Review with the Senior Responsible Owner, including any areas of concern and elements considered not appropriate for the Gateway Review.

Review Team Members from interstate will attend via teleconference.

At the Planning Session, the Senior Responsible Owner / Project Manager will provide an update on the status of the program or project. The Review Team will discuss and agree on the stakeholders they would like to meet during the Review, and any additional documentation they may require.

A full list of documents to be reviewed will be finalised.