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How do I access pel]o[rus?
pel]o[rus cannot be accessed directly, access to the system is established from within port]e[co.

What is pel]o[rus?
pel]o[rus allows clients to find and analyse assets geographically. They do not access pel]o[rus as a separate application, rather the features and benefits of pel]o[rus will be evident when using port]e[co.

pel]o[rus provides a spatial capability within port]e[co that enables clients to:

  • Display information, such as the location of sites, on a map of South Australia
  • Navigate (zoom and pan) using a map of South Australia
  • View construction industry locality zones and environmental zones used to calculate Gross Current
  • Replacement Costs and
  • Display the results of simple spatial queries, for example, all hospitals can be shown for a selected region.

Map Navigation and Display Sites
pel]o[rus gives clients the ability to display and navigate around a map of South Australia. Sites are depicted as pins on the map and the user can view summary information for each site by clicking on the pin and viewing the site map (if permitted by security) for each site.

Locality Information
pel]o[rus provides a map for each port]e[co site to each of the following spatial regions:

  • South Australian state electoral districts;
  • South Australian federal electoral districts;
  • South Australian local government areas;
  • Agency administrative regions - Most agencies have spatially defined administrative regions.
  • Construction industry region - each region has a 'locality factor' that is used in the calculation of construction costs for buildings in that region; and
  • Environmental region - each region has an 'environmental locality factor'. This is used to vary the expected useful life of assets as a result of the prevailing environmental conditions in a certain region.

This means that clients can search for sites based on their locality (e.g. search for all the schools in a particular state electoral district). Alternatively when viewing a particular site in port]e[co, this information is also made available.

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