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How do I access lex]i[con?

Access lex]i[con by entering the following web address:

What is lex]i[con?

lex]i[con provides a reference guide for SAMIS and the links to Strategic Asset Management. lex]i[con provides information in the following areas:

  • SAMIS training materials
  • Port]e[co help system
  • Glossary of terms

Additional information is available from the following links below:

1.  User Request Forms

Please go to the Online Forms page to access User Request Forms

2.  Online Training Resources

Online Training Resources Workshop Notes  (Currently Unavailable)
A.  Overview of SAMIS Notes
B.  Navigating port]e[co Notes
C.  Strategic Asset Management 1 Notes
D.  Strategic Asset Management 2 Notes
E.  Cogn]i[to Reports 1 - Standard Reports Notes
F.  Cogn]i[to Reports 2 - Asset Register Notes
G. 3 Stage Implementation Program Notes

3.  Quick Reference Guides (PDF)

We provide quick reference guides for routine porteco and data entry processes. Contact us if you require further reference guides.

A. SAMIS Quick Start Guide
B. Adding Documents and Images
C. Cogn]i[to Reports Guide
D. Entering Transport Systems - Lifts
E. Entering Buildings and Sheds
F.  Entering Ceiling Types and Materials
G. Entering Covered Outdoor Learning Areas
H. Updating Pre Inspection Date

4.  Help Screens and Glossary

The Help Screens and Glossary that can be accessed from within the SAMIS and are stored within the lex]i[con archive.

5.  Phone Support and Coaching

To access SAMIS phone support or arrange training contact the Business System's Service Desk (see Contacts page).

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