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Useful Links - Buildings

  1. Australian   and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement (G121)
    A framework that assists with the integration of the principles of   sustainability into the procurement of construction.
  2. Australian   Government Building and Construction Industry Website (G57)
    Australian Government website providing access to various Act's, policies,   organisations, etc relating to the building and construction industry.
  3. Client Skills (G109)
    Guide note prepared by the Australian Procurement and Construction Council on competencies for clients of the construction industry.
  4. Dispute   Avoidance and Resolution - CRC Construction Innovation (G95)
    Guide to leading practice for dispute avoidance and resolution published by   the CRC for Construction Innovation
  5. Dispute Avoidance and Resolution   Overview - CRC Construction Innovation (G94)
    Overview of guide to leading practice for dispute avoidance and resolution   published by the CRC for Construction Innovation
  6. EPA Environmental Information (G96)
    Guidenotes and information on the management of environmental issues on sites.
  7. Green Building Council of Australia (G67)
    Green Building Council of Australia website.
  8. Identification of PCB-Containing Capacitors (G134)
    A recommended reference to assist in the identification, safe removal, storage and disposal of PCB containing components in fluorescent light fittings.
  9. Infrastructure   Planning and Delivery: Best Practice Case Studies Volume 2 February 2012 (R7)
    Case studies of civil and building infrastructure projects around Australia.
  10. National   Alliance Contracting Policy and Guidelines (PO27)
    A policy developed by the Australian Government to improve the practice and   consistency of alliancing by agencies.
  11. National   Australian Built Environment Rating System (G68)
    NABERS is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings. NABERS   rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the   environment, and provides a simple indication of how well you are managing   these environmental impacts compared with your peers and neighbours.
  12. NEP   (Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories) Measure 1998   (G135)
    A recommended reference that sets out the strict requirements in regard to   the transport and Disposal of PCB-Containing Capacitors.
  13. PC114 - Government Real Property Management (G107)
  14. Polychlorinated Biphenyls Management Plan (G133)
    A recommended general reference to assist in the identification, analysis, removal, storage and disposal of capacitors containing PCB. Premier and Cabinet Circular PC114.
  15. South Australian Urban Design Charter (R8)
    This Urban Design Charter commits Government agencies to achieve good urban design when managing public places or creating the public buildings and infrastructure that contribute to the qualities of our streets, squares, parks and waterfronts.
  16. Strategic   Infrastructure Plan for South Australia (G52)
    The plan sets out the State's infrastructure priorities.
  17. Tackling   Climate Change (G99)
    South Australia's Greenhouse Strategy 2007-2020
  18. Water Efficient Outlets in Government Buildings (G108)
    This policy statement sets out the general requirements for the procurement of taps and showerheads to be used with South Australian Government owned buildings.