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A Friday Note - 3 February 2017

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive


Our engineers, some of the best nationally and internationally, have sound asset management processes in place. These approaches, built on years of innovation and continuous improvement in South Australia, consider individual bridge function and importance, structural condition and traffic volumes to develop an annual maintenance program. We spend over $3m per year on routine bridge maintenance to ensure structures remain safe and fit for purpose. This is in addition to funds allocated for major bridge upgrades such as the wonderful work recently performed on the Port River rail bridge. Thanks to Mark Churchman, a local resident of the area, for kindly providing us with some great pictures:

We are rigorous and steadfast when it comes to the quality of our processes and our people. Our families use these facilities as well and we wouldn’t place them or our friends and the community more generally at risk. In many ways, SA has been a trailblazer in how we manage our bridge assets. This department (or the Highways Department as it was then called) first undertook regular periodic bridge inspections in the late 1960s, making SA the first state in Australia to do so. South Australia was also the first state to implement and maintain an electronic database of bridge inventory and inspection information. Another first, was a computer program that enabled rapid vehicle load effect analysis of bridges  - a program that is now used by WA, Tasmania and Victoria. We will continue to lead the way as safety is our utmost priority.

A new school year has kicked off, bringing more traffic and the need for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be extra vigilant around school zones. Students at Goolwa Primary, pictured below, are driving home the safety message as they take advantage of our Way2Go program which promotes safer, greener and more active travel options.


The department, in collaboration with Marion Council and the Surveyor-General, has helped launch Adelaide’s newest suburb, Tonsley. It is an exciting development for a suburb that is at the heart of innovation. Details here.


We are all a part of the community; our work and staff are embedded in the community and we take pride in working for and with the community. We travel the same roads we build and maintain, we catch the same buses, trains and trams and we take as much pride as local residents do with the development of our state.  

Special thanks to staff involved in the unveiling of a memorial plaque for Jack Tindale at the McLaren Vale Overpass last Sunday. Jack was a local lad who worked on this project and who passed away unexpectedly in 2015. More than 200 people attended the event with the family, Ministers Mullighan and Bignell and Mr Brokenshire MP.

Thanks to Maria Fantasia, Andrew Nitschke, Matt Leek and Field Services including Shane Jaensch, Geoff Osborne, Nilesh Bhindi and Sturt maintenance. A great effort for the family.


Our department is seeking feedback about the transport needs of visitors and residents on Kangaroo Island. Share your views here.


More thanks from SA Police for excellent collaboration displayed by rail staff. A train driver and train control operator were instrumental in assisting SAPOL with the arrest of a suspect. The feedback received is that their actions were remarkable, particularly under stressful circumstances.


Staff are mourning the passing of Paul Gutschmidt who was a respected pavement testing officer based out of Walkley Heights. We offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan