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A Friday Note - 2nd June 2017

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

Very chilly mornings but sunny days to start the winter months


The next Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminar will be on June 20, with the theme “Protective Security – Be Alert, Not Alarmed”. Recent and regular worldwide events have placed security at the forefront of people’s minds. This presentation will provide you with an understanding of the different areas of security and what we can all do to enhance security across DPTI in the current environment.
Register your interest here.
As of midnight on Thursday, 1 June there had been 31 fatalities on South Australian roads this year.


The O-Bahn City Access Project achieved a major milestone on the weekend, when the final plank was installed on Hackney Road to complete the 670m tunnel structure. Well done to Dariusz Fanok for his leadership, enthusiasm and determination in leading the team to this significant moment. When complete, the tunnel will bring major time savings for O-Bahn travellers and other road users.

Congratulations also to all involved in the Jetty Road Tram Tracks Replacement Project. Their hard work and determination has meant we’ve been able to replace the old tracks a week ahead of schedule, with tram services to resume down Jetty Road from tomorrow morning.


On Monday, Minister Rau launched a significant planning package including the 30 Year Plan update, Draft Design Guidelines and a series of Development Plan Amendments, supporting  further infill development with a strong focus on quality design.  A strong partnership model with local government was at the heart of the successful development and launch of the package. Under Andrew McKeegan’s leadership, the teams of Sally Smith and Kirsteen Mackay did a power of work to reach this significant milestone. The extensive list of those who contributed includes John Byleveld, Philippe Mortier, Nick Tridente, Tessa Sare, Sally Jenkin, Andrew Mitchell, Carmela Luscri, Chris Kwong, Anya Hart, Greg Slattery, Alison Collins, Eleanor Freeman, Michelle Murray, Chris Hobart, Tahnee Sutton, Pearl Berry, Hannelore Ferguson, Sarah Calnan, Andreea Jeleascu and Simon Lee.


National Reconciliation Week runs until tomorrow, with the theme “Let’s Take The Next Steps”. The Referendum Council convened a meeting of 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates at Uluru in May to engage in First Nations Dialogues. As a result of this historic meeting the Uluru Statement was adopted as a compelling “Statement from the Heart” which calls for

Constitutional reforms to “empower our people and take their rightful place in our own country”

The establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution

A Makarrata Commission to “supervise a process of agreement-making between government and First Nations and truth telling about our history”

Read the full Uluru Statement here.


The department is continuing its partnership with BreastScreen SA as part our wellbeing program for women’s health. The Rose Clinic, basement level, David Jones, Rundle Mall performs the screens. Appointments take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.


The HIA Housing Awards recognise excellence in the construction, design, innovation and technology of housing. Jodie Evans, Unit Manager Building Policy has been appointed to the 2017 judging panel in recognition of the regard the sector have for her broad design, policy and technical experience.


The DPTI – now and in the future intranet site was launched in April to provide information on where we’ve been and where we’re heading, recognise the achievements we’ve made and provide updates on what’s next for DPTI. New stories have been added and will continue to be under ‘Achievements’ and “What’s happening now’. Your help is needed to keep the side informative and up to date. If there is something you would like to hear more about or you have a story to share, please email the team.

The Rail Vandalism Challenge on the Ideas Collaboration Forum has one week to run. If you have ideas on how we can reduce vandalism and graffiti along our rail corridor, leave them here.


Today’s Flashback Friday photo is of the Glenelg tram, running from Jetty Road onto the jetty
Historical image of the tram trucks on Glenelg jetty

SLSA B/3088

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan