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A Friday Note - 15 September 2017

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

Some warm weather to start the week, before another burst of winter.


Our department’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and Program – an important part of our commitment to zero harm in our workforce - has been updated and published.

We are now operating in a transition phase to recognise zero tolerance while the mandatory drug and alcohol awareness training is undertaken across the department.

Book your training session through ELMO.

The policy has taken into account the feedback from all workers and employee associations who provided us with comments,
and has now changed significantly from its first draft as a result.  

As of midnight on Thursday, September 14, there had been 70 fatalities on South Australian roads so far this year.


As many of you would be aware the new capital initiatives program has given the department an opportunity to streamline a lot of whole of government processes.

Internally we have decided to establish just one procurement committee under Julienne TePohe.
To restructure the executive group, add a project office to the portfolio management office, and to wind down the portfolio management committee and the category 1 meetings with the better use of formal gateway reviews of all major procurement and delivery processes.  

It is anticipated that this will reduce much of the red tape associated with our service to community.

Paul Bennett returns to the department from Jim Hallion’s office and will review our road access policy, reporting to Sally Smith, again to streamline processes and support more economic development, more efficiently.

Paul Gelston will be away for two weeks from September 25. Please refer all enquiries to me or Emma Kokar while he is away. I have asked Paul to turn his telephone off.


The good news is that a range of major projects underway will continue to improve transport outcomes for South Australia.
Inevitably this causes short term but frustrating delays.  

This will be a big focus for our traffic management people and any suggestions (polite) for improvement will be carefully considered alongside our projects, people, and contractors.  

A little less rain would also assist. Sam Rodrigues and her team are also very involved and have a big task ahead. Patience will be key.


Congratulations to all involved in our department in the tremendously complex task of the move to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital ,
in particular James Lovell, Mark Shotton and the TMC team, Tony Carbone and Michael Southern.

Feedback from the SA Ambulance Service speaks volumes of your hard work and expertise.


Olympic gold medallist Kyle Chalmers was on hand to help launch the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre’s solar power system.

It is the fourth largest solar array in South Australia and the biggest in the southern hemisphere on a sporting facility.

Thanks to the team from Project Services, in particular Jeremy Chu, for their hard work in helping to make this happen.

Office for Recreation and Sport General Manager Kylie Taylor and Olympic swimming gold medallist Kyle Chalmers


Works are ramping up on the Northern Connector Project, with activities now occurring across the entire 15.5 km corridor.

To date over 1 million tonnes of fill has been placed at the Southern Interchange with major earthworks continuing across the southern zone and salt pans.

Piling has started next to the Port River Expressway in preparation for the construction of Bridge 1 that will span across the Port River Expressway connecting into the South Road Superway.

Piling rig at the Southern Interchange looking north with Port River Expressway in the foreground

Bridge 6 access platform construction methodology is minimising environmental impacts

At the northern end of the corridor the concrete batch has been delivered and assembled behind the Waterloo Corner site compound, and will be commissioned for testing in the coming months.

A Plain Concrete Pavement (PCP) will be applied to 13km of the 15.5 km road corridor and will support more than 40 extra jobs for the duration of the pavement activities.

Concrete batch plant at Waterloo Corner


This week’s Flashback Friday is of the Semaphore seafront, circa 1930.

SRSA GRG7/70/1083

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan