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A Friday Note - 10 February 2017

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive


Your safety and that of our community is a primary focus. You may recall that shortly after starting here I gave a commitment to rub out bullying and harassment. We are making good progress here with the Fair Work Commission supporting some recent tough decisions taken. This focus is across the department – in the field, in the office, bullying and harassment is not acceptable anytime, anywhere. Our job is to make sure that the 99.9% of people working hard for our community every day are protected, defended and allowed to continue to do an excellent job for the public we serve. We thank you for that service.

Thank you to our staff and SAPOL who have been monitoring and managing heat-related impacts.

Among them, our Adelaide Metro crews providing bottled water for passengers at Adelaide Railway Station, with some welcome help from our friends at SAPOL.

DPTI staff and SAPOL handing out water.

And spare a thought for those in other parts of the state, where temperatures have been even hotter. For example, Moomba’s forecast from earlier in the week:


Last Friday marked an important milestone for the Port Adelaide Office Accommodation Project, with a ground breaking ceremony heralding the start of construction of the new government offices. The project is due for completion in the first half of 2018 and will support up to 275 jobs during construction using local products where available including steel from Whyalla. It is a great example of how the work we do can bring about stronger communities and stimulate growth. Well done to everyone involved, in particular Mohammed Elgazzar, Cameron MacLeod and Bryon Andretzke. Read more here.


This week it was the Library’s Lunch ‘n Learn seminar on emerging technologies. It covered topics including smart lighting and parking, Bluetooth applications and virtual reality - a stimulating and interactive look at technologies which could transform the way we do business, the way we approach safety and the way we communicate with our customers and stakeholders.


Our department has launched a new campaign to further promote our highly successful EzyPlates service. Thousands of our customers embrace the opportunity to customise their plates, whether it be for business or personal style. Have a look here.


The new uniform policy has been approved department-wide. We will be sourcing a supplier over the coming months with a view to rolling out new uniforms to eligible staff from July. It will create a consistent look across the department, with emphasis on being sun smart.


Marg Howard’s group formerly known as Safer Travel and Behaviour will now be called Living Neighbourhoods and Travel Behaviour and the team will become part of Sally Smith’s Planning and Development group. This move recognises the great work done by Marg’s team in encouraging and influencing all of us to consider how we travel and how we can contribute to a very positive South Australia.

Tony Carbone and the Traffic Operations team will now report to Anne Alford to continue the drive to integrate our transport operations under the Operation Moving Traffic banner. Anne’s directorate has been renamed Transport Operations. This is very much about integrating our efforts in a cohesive, collaborative fashion.

Don Hogben’s directorate, Planning and Transport Policy, will now report to Julienne TePohe. This change, which includes the relocation of Scott Cooper and a team from the Programs and Concept Planning section to level 9 RMH, will build on our whole of department approach and enhance collaboration and early engagement.

Executive has also asked that we review the transport safety functions across the divisions to check roles and responsibilities are clear and any gaps are identified. This will include road, rail and marine safety and will assess policy setting, implementation and regulation for all modes.


Adelaide Metro staff have been spreading the word about our services, visiting orientation days at the TafeSA Tonsley campus this week.

Our people provided valuable information to students including the virtues of our new metroMATE app. These are important opportunities to connect with our communities and we thank all involved.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan