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A Friday Note – 26 February 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

With the tragedy of last weekend's fatality at the new hospital we have further strengthened our approach to safety.  At the same time I express my concern for the families impacted by the fatality.  This is truly awful.

Jon Whelan has initiated compulsory safety walks on every one of our projects.  We have also engaged an independent safety auditor to help us and our contractors in a proactive approach to safety outcomes. The three hour walk on T2T which Jon and I did yesterday with key site staff is one example with positive support from local management.  Every one of our sites and buildings  - including office workers -  should have had a safety walk this week.  If not please let me know.  Our recent workshop with construction, road and rail private sector CEO’s also picked up this theme with a strong message from industry to drive out mediocrity in the pursuit of safety.  Generally the support from industry has been very positive and I thank them. 

Our senior facilities managers from across the State met together this week for the first time in their living memory.  Safety was also a big theme.

Special thanks to our colleagues at Renewal SA for keeping an eye on the safety of the workers on the convention building, and also to contractor Palumbo for their commitment to safety at the Henley Beach police station. Outstanding safety leadership on both parts. 

In these discussions our risks are many.  The fatality and injury rate on our roads also remains a large concern.


I’m proud and excited that our department is undertaking the final steps on our journey toward White Ribbon Australia workplace accreditation. The CEO of White Ribbon Australia has written to inform me that if successful, our department will become one of the first Australian workplaces to become accredited as a White Ribbon workplace. This will be a huge achievement and testament to the hard work of all staff involved.


The newly launched Adelaide Design Manual sets out the vision of Adelaide City Council for more pedestrian friendly streets and puts people at the heart of urban planning. Matt Lang, Philippe Mortier and Kirsteen Mackay worked closely with council to realise this important document. 


Adam Hooper from our field services maintenance area found a wallet by the roadside while out on patrol and returned it to its very grateful owner. A great example of our values in action.


The recent executive planning session and the feedback from recent industry engagement presented us with an opportunity to further align functions and continue to challenge our delivery model.  We have agreed to:

  • A greater focus on aligning and modernising our procurement practices supported through Wayne Buckerfield and Brian Roche to encompass our procurement and contracting functions, including construction;
  • A new direction in program management and a changed focus on better collaboration with industry;
  • Continuing strong focus on safety
  • Improved alignment of public transport functions

More detail will be provided in next week’s note.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan